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Focus with Cognizin.® Make the smart choice to hydrate with the benefits of Cognizin® which stimulates your brain to get in the zone.
Hydrate with L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine. Refresh your body through deep hydration with critical vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes in every sip.
Recover with Electrolytes. See what you can achieve when you give your body the support it needs to restore, repair, and THRIVE.

Focus + Rapid Hydration

Enjoy rapid hydration for peak performance so you can
Win the Moment™!

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Top Athletes Love Launch Hydrate

Brady Ebel

Its packed with electrolytes and helps me with a speedy recovery

Brady Ebel
PG Top 25 Class of 2025
Donavan Jeffrey

It is great tasting, packed with electrolytes, and has become one of my favorite sports drinks on and off the field.

Donavan Jeffrey
PG Select Fest Alum
Bryce Rainer

Strawberry Lemon is my favorite flavor. It helps me recover quicker and is a great tasting drink

Bryce Rainer
PG AAC Player
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