Official Sports Drink ofPerfect Game

Win the

Improved Focus


Focus with Cognizin.® Make the smart choice to hydrate with the benefits of Cognizin® which stimulates your brain to get in the zone.
Rapid Hydration


L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine helps your body absorb electrolytes and water more efficiently for rapid and deep hydration that maintains peak performance.
Faster Recovery


Recover with Electrolytes. See what you can achieve when you give your body the support it needs to restore, repair, and THRIVE.

Focus + Rapid Hydration

Enjoy rapid hydration for peak performance so you can Win the Moment!
Rapid Hydration · Electrolytes · Brain Energy · Mental Clarity · Focus · Reaction Time · Memory
Four bottles of Launch Hydrate in Fruit Punch, Orange, Tropical, and Strawberry Lemon
Try Fruit Punch, Orange, Tropical or Strawberry Lemon!
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Electrolyte Droplets

1200mg Electrolytes

(Gatorade 340mg, Prime 850mg)

Drink container with droplet

90 Calories


Natural Flavors

(Fruit and Vegetable Juice)